Tafjordfjella lies south-west of Trondheim and east of Ålesund.


By public transport: From Oslo take the train direction Trondheim, change train in Dombås to Åndalsnes. Take it to the station Bjorli. From Åndalsnes there is train/bus to Bjorli. There are also other starting points like; Grotli, Tafjord, Herdalseter, etc.


Bjorli, 575 m. (DNT-member) Pyttbua, 1'161 m. (DNT-member) Reindalsseter, 705 m. (DNT-member) Veltdalshytta, 1'180 m. (DNT-member)


Tafjordfjella (Turkart, 1:50'000)


4 days / September 2002


Tafjordfjella is a high mountain area with more peaks over 2'000 m. It has a nice variation between "dramatic mountains", vigorous valleys and waterfalls.

Bjorli - Pyttbua (~ 6 h. + break)

We started from Bjorli, where we stayed in a small self service hut nearby the train station. We had to walk about 5 km at the main rode direction Åndalsnes, before we took a smaller road to the right, direction Brøstdalen. A nice farmer gave us a ride, if not it would be quite long way to walk. The track all the way to the cabin went along a wide river surrounded by mountains in fresh autumn colors.

Pyttbua - Reindalsseter (~ 5 h. + break)

Because of the altitude it was almost just rocks and stones the first part. From the first pass, it was a nice view over the peak, "Pyttegga" (1'999 m.) and small glaciers. From the rocky and cold landscape, it was a contrast coming down to the green valley with the cabin, Reindalsseter. We stayed in a small, cosy timber hut (self service).

Reindalsseter - Veltdalshytta (~ 4 h. + break)

The next day the track continued to the narrow and impressive valley, "Veltdalen". After the valley, we reached a mountain plateau with turquoise lakes and small rocks. At the way we visited the known cabin, "Fieldfarehytta". It is a small hut built during the second world war, where soldiers accomplished a commission for the war. It was constructed in the rock wall at the border of the lake.

Veltdalshytta - Billingen (~ 6 h. + break)

The track went through soft landscape and passed some small lakes. We had lunch in the little cabin, Tverrådalshytta (just open in the hunting season). We continued belong an impressive river, whish was running through the beautiful valley, Torddalen. This ended up in Billingen with a nice waterfall. From here we returned by bus, "Nordfjordekspressen" via Otta to Oslo. Back to the civilization!


The landscape at the west side of Tafjordfjella is more "dramatic" with steep mountains and deep valleys. From Reindalsseter continue to the cabin, Kaldhusseter (about 5 h. hiking). The next day the tour end up in the beautiful place, Geiranger at the end of the Geirangerfjord (about 8 h. hiking).

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